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Wraithwalker – Representing an ATL on an international synthetic scene

Spellbound album cover

“I really want to put Atlanta on the international stage,” Justin Wraithwalker Stokes.

Wraithwalker, or Justin Stokes, is an digital musician based by Atlanta, GA. After leaving school and enjoying in a number of bands, he has resigned from his solo to a synchronized music mode.

Synthetic scene is a set of varied electronically produced musical varieties that strongly pulls the 80's sound palette and tradition. Wraithwalker, although it was born over the 80s, has been absorbed largely by way of its Internet. You possibly can hear these effects in his new album, Hellscape 2X19.

Hellscape 2 × 19 is a participant in his discography. The album with 12 unique songs exhibits a young musician who cares for his weaknesses. Hellscape has great enhancements to its unique choice for the synthesizer kingdom, with a blend of sluggish environmental tracks, beautiful EDM-type ravers, and all the tips of the synthetic style.

Hellscape 2X19: Wraithwalker

Slickster: What Happens in Atlanta?
Wraithwalker: Nothing.

Slickster: How Long Have You Created Music?
Wraithwalker: I've been doing it for a few yr. I began in January 2018, but I'm working on FL Studio (Fruity Loops), once I was sixteen.

Slickster: What’s the inspiration for Hellscape 2X19?
Wraithwalker: Hellscape's central concept was to write down something it was consistent, clear, and audible. The first album (Spellbound) was the right mess! It was chaos – uncompromising and rough!

Spellbound album cowl

Slickster: What is your favourite band?
Wraithwalker: It's the type police say Perturbator, but I've listened to her from 2012, and he has had such an enormous influence on me and musical course. Perturbator is my largest inspiration *, but * it’s a shut hyperlink to Mega Drive and Deadlife products. All I find out about progression, layering and sound design. I truthfully consider he’s nice and I take a look at him in so many ways.

Deadlife is a more moderen act, but he blew in a short time – and rightly so. In 2017, I used to be in a place the place I felt that the synthetic entity had stopped, as no one was revolutionary, and it questioned me whether or not it was value it to return to music, simply to jump right into a genre the place just a few acts that they had their own separate voice, and even fewer of them obtained any recognition. Then Deadlife released "Bionic Chrysalis" and it just blew my thoughts.

I was enjoying hell from this album. He confirmed me that there was still room to attempt to shake issues up style, which had turn out to be a city and nation planning, and I owe him huge time. I've seen people who "capture the only EDM, this is not retro," but once more, it's a part of the issue of synthetic drawback – positive that nostalgia could also be a genre focus, but have no idea the rose-colored glasses is just limited by the chances that you are able to do retro-synthetic sounds + trendy production.

Slickster: Oh yeah! Apparently Perturbator is awesome. I really like how he really retains the listener's guessing album New Model.
Wraithwalker: Completely. For those who take heed to a new mannequin compared to the rest of his discography, all the things until then had been a clear and constant product. Then, with the help of the new model, he has translated all the work to its end.

  Perturbator New Model banner Perturbator New Model banner

Slickster Journal: In the event you might go back in time and give advice to a younger individual, would you be artistic, what would you say?
Wraithwalker: Don't Go to University! I began school once I was sixteen because I accepted it early. I was so busy that music needed to take the again seat to my studies. Time flies, and now I owe $ 20,00zero.00 and my diploma isn’t well worth the printed paper! I'm considering now, "What if I were stuck doing music all the time?" Perhaps I ought to have followed my passion as an alternative of faculty to get a worthless degree.

Slickster: The place did you go to high school?
Wraithwalker: University of Mercer, Macon, GA.

Slickster: Comply with the six at Hellscape 2 × 19 is Bleed, and it's lengthy shot, my favorite album. The Predator film Jessie Ventura has a badass sound, after which it begins with a really heavy bass and drum. Might you speak about how you developed this monitor and your inspiration for it?

Hellscape 2×19: Wraithwalker

Wraithwalker: I am glad you asked this monitor! I had a nasty day at work, and abruptly Bleed's headdress hit the top. As soon as I received house, I adjusted the essential structure of the monitor and every part fell utterly in place! Once I listened to the loop many times, I started to listen to that brief sample ("I don't have time to leak," Jesse Ventura The Predator – 1986) behind the top.

sci-fi and shooters and all. Naturally, Predator's machismo and brutality go nice, however I needed to seize that being that I was alone, trapped, anxious, indignant, determined, in a really violent "killing or killing type" state of affairs with no approach out.

Slickster: What is it concerning the unique Predator movie, which holds a very onerous and dedicated fanbass that loves this film?

Wraithwalker: It's just a merciless movie! All these macho-dudebros, commanders, they usually shoot and blow stuff – but then they all die and Arnold Schwarzenegger left alone to battle F & # 39; ING PREDATOR! It's an entire man vs. an unknown theme. Predator isn’t god nessarcaily, however it's unknown and much, a lot stronger than he is (Schwarzenegger, "Dutch"). But one way or the other Schwarzenegger is able to beat it and kill it.

Slickster: Did you see a Predator remake?
Wraithwalker: No. The final movie I watched on the theater was Blade Runner 2049.

Slickster: This film additionally had another epic electronic music rating partly by Hans Zimmer. Do you need to weigh the differences between the Vangelis OG scores in comparison with Zimmer's new strategy?
Wraithwalker: I really like the unique Vangelis rating, however it feels good now. However the unique Blade Runner seems pretty outdated now. It is now 2019, the yr when the original Blade Runner occurred. I feel 2049 is its logical sequel. So the brand new film is more trendy and the soundtrack reflects it. I noticed it on iMAX and knew every bass hit. I really like the best way Zimmer can slowly construct the environment and the stack of layers and sound layers on prime of each other.

Slickster: Hellscape 2 × 19 has a mix of some quicker tempo tracks and some slower. Great music seems to work nicely as a sports activities companion. Was this your intention? Are you sporty and in that case, what is / are your sport?
Wraithwalker: No! (Laughs) I'm in all probability the least athletic individual!

Slickster: I feel you're extra of a video game then?

Wraithwalker: Principally lukittanut I'm simply finishing a new album, but I like Warcraft, Starcraft, Oblivion …. Any of these Blizzard video games. I am an enormous sci-fi and fantasy fan, and Blizzard nailed it. I used to be within the silver league with the SC2 ladder for a while.

I was an avid fan of Metroid collection as a child, and I definitely have owned the environment of these games soundtracks, especially for Metroid Prime. The PS1 armored core also deserves to be shouted because the soundtracks of these video games have been the first exposure to electronic music. Very powerful techno and breakbeat. Underestimated collection definitely.

Slickster: How Is The Synthetic Scene In Atlanta?

Wraithwalker: Oh, it occurs! Listed here are the "big three" that speak in confidence to the primary stage once they're on the town. They’re:

Gregorio Franco. Mixing a number of metallic / doom parts in your work, and it's all the time 200% heavy. He's an absolute monster.
Vampire Step-Dad – He is an wonderful producer and could be very artistic on his theme and path. This album is a soundtrack for an 80's buddy movie movie that had by no means been. VSD can also be very fascinated with its fan base. She even has a publication to keep her in touch with everybody. Most Healthy Man
Watch out for snakes – WOFS additionally loves video video games! His music is a hybrid of synthetic and chiptune
It is rather cool, usually I hate chiptun, but he has managed to make it pay attention, and it nonetheless retains its narrative quality, whose synthesis is understood.

They’re like an influence trio here in Atlanta. I need to make it a quartet. I've seen Gregorioa and VSD's, once they opened Perturbatorille and Carpenter Brutille (respectively) in 2017, and I’ve to say that both of them have been actually cool experience.

I really need to put Atlanta on the international stage. It is a big scene, and it has an international attraction, however it definitely has more monitoring in Europe. Echo Synthetic, a man who assembled a synthetic pageant for the final two years. We had operations everywhere in the United States – L. A. Arson, Facehugger…

Slickster: What is crucial factor you need to share with the world in the meanwhile?

Wraithwalker: Be good, be helpful and trustworthy. I might be a very totally different artist than me in the present day if individuals have been caught with me once I was a youthful musician. I acquired digital music as a result of I might do every part myself. I referred to as a few bands early on, but they crumbled and decomposed, and I received annoyed with it. So I stated, “Have you learnt what? I will simply be solo and do all of it by myself. “I hope individuals are dedicated to the thought of ​​doing something great with others.

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