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MAD DOG 7 AND OP NEVADA PLAN – Fortune Magician


Susan Katz Keating
The July 2015 SOF

”Watson. Wake up. Woods. For everybody. Get up to hell. ”

Hours earlier, a 9-man staff had kicked with Pepsi, listening to music and exchanging stories underneath a full moon in Outpost Nevada, about 12,000 ft above Ganjigal Valley within the killing Kunar province of Afghanistan. Now, on July 17, 2011, American soldiers urgently had to rise up in preparation for what can be a brutal 18-hour slug for an awesome enemy pressure. At the end of the battle, a handful of People would deserve the respect of an enemy that their ancestors even blended with Alexander the Nice. These People weren’t SEALs. They weren't special army forces. They have been loopy canine: the second set of Delta Firm 1-182. Infantry, Massachusetts Nationwide Guard.

Mad Canine arrived in Kunar in June as a safety pressure for the Provincial Reconstruction Staff (PRT) Ahead Operation Platform (FOB) in Wright Asadabad. At the moment, Massive Military's 25th Infantry Unit took heavy hits in Operation Hammer Down, which was focused at rebel camps in the Pech Valley. Inside a number of hours of FOB Wright's arrival, Mad Canine got here to work. […]

The following morning, Mad Canine started their tour at the prime of the OP Nevada remote management, whose former inhabitants have been – the elite Soviet Spetsnaz troops – the Mujahide had crossed the 1980s. An previous outpost filled with abandoned Soviet monuments protected both FOB Wright and FOB Joyce within the valley under.

Three weeks within the nation, third staff, led by Sgt. Brian Wooden, full of gear, arranged for Pepsi to be delivered via an area Afghan donkey and obtained to Molson Air Huey, who took them to scheduled rats in OP Nevada.

“We were excited about going there,” recollects Pvt. Wayne Woods. "It was an opportunity to get out of FOB."

Night time of July 16, tight knitted men relaxed, "shot shit," says John Marquardt, PFC. Squad chief Wooden entertained males by telling him about his previous rounds with the sergeant of Mad Dog's charismatic and battle-hardened workforce, SFC John Melson, who was in his sixth place.

Round 0530 within the morning of July 17, the group interpreter approached Wooden

"He was scared," Wooden says.

] For good cause. The interpreter had heard concerning the Taliban talking concerning the measurement of the OP Nevada component and its fortifications. Talking meant only one thing: the Taliban planned an attack. Wooden and others instantly went into standby, urging the remainder of the staff

"We knew it was serious," Eric Watson says. “It went from relaxing to real. Just like this. ”

The tree despatched a small patrol to ensure nobody had broken the ring. The patrol found three Afghans, and a place where the wire was flat with stones. The police seized one of many Afghans however could not grasp the opposite two.

"The old man said he was a farmer," Marquardt says. But the civilian police Marquardt spotted the so-referred to as. Farmer's arms: “They have been smoother than mine. He was not a farmer. “The truth is, he was the uncle of the local Taliban commander.

The group despatched his uncle to query FOB Wright. Uncle has two comrades who advised their leaders what had happened. The Taliban believed that Uncle was held in OP Nevada.

 303153_314152158613189_177155938979479_1217092_172962512_ "All day long, the Taliban promised to fight death to get their friends from the Americans," says Melson. The fighted seasoned group sergeant, who followed the state of affairs of the FOB Wright Tactical Middle (TOC), warned her husband.

"We knew something would happen," Watson says. – The entire day we finished. We moved the batteries. We put the ammunition. ”

Men occupied their arms: two .50 caliber machine guns, a Mark 19 grenade launcher, two M-240 machine guns and rifles. At night time, an interpreter has heard that the Taliban say they will see Mad Canine's eyes.

”We knew then. Shit obtained real, Watson says.

At the TOC, Melson introduced that about 60 Taliban are shifting up the mountain, overlaying up the blankets to cowl their heat signatures. He offered very important info to Wooden.

Marquardt discovered an enemy for OP. "I was up in the tower," he says. “I saw two Taliban with RPG.”

”The muzzle flashes! The muzzle flashes! “Marquardt shouted. He dropped three rounds of M-four.

OP was quiet for a second.

"Everything was in stock," Watson says. “We don't think it's real. We couldn't believe we were being shot. But we were. We were attacked. ”

Instantly in any case, they let go.

"A few muzzles are flashing, and then it just went crazy," Wood says.

 299506_191950960878618_100001911467106_440793_1468242318_n The Taliban endure arduous. They blown American meals and water.

”I used to be sick and sick of the explosions of RPG [rocket],” Cpl says. Patrick Camillo, with zero.50 caliber machine gun. “I left to shoot. They usually continued to make progress. “

Watson, an infantry-based mostly chef, stepped on a weapon-armor and ran forwards and backwards to ship his ammunition to his teammate.

to speak with Afghans about smaller smaller OPs and speak to Melson on the radio. The wood persistently demanded the FOBs Joyce and Wright mortar and artillery; however FOBs ran down shortly. The night time was a dark cloud. Wooden demanded lighting. "It was chaos," Wood says. "You couldn't hear anything other than the bell."

The battle raged for hours. Mad Dog had no water. Their overheated weapons acquired stuck. They went critically to a low-degree shotgun. Still, they needed to struggle. If not, they might endure the destiny of the ericonaz in front of them

"We couldn't leave our weapons," Camillo says. “We were dirty. Hit. And they kept coming. ”

“ We didn't have a break, ”says Wayne Woods, a personal one that spent the 21st century occupation with a M240 machine gun. “We had no selection. We needed to proceed preventing. “

Marquardt stayed within the tower and consecrated the enemy positions:“ Rocket twice! The muzzle flashes twelve! ”

“ We took it, ”Watson says. "We fought fully."

 327976_10100485585559532_9101084_51977602_705372726_o "I tried to create a wall between us and them," Wood stated. “It was a continuous flood. Lots of firepower; a lot of violence. ”

A number of hours of preventing the ammunition provide weakened dangerously to a low degree. The Taliban didn’t show indicators of finishing the problems.

Wooden Radio FOB Wright: “It's rough here. When do you send help? ”

The reply got here cold, a choice made by a PRT commander, a naval officer,“ We ​​are not. ”

The confused Mad Canine have been surprised.

“We all looked at each other,” Marquardt says. “We told ourselves, holy hell. We die. We had no cover. No support. Nothing. That was it. We die. ”

The lads quietly silenced. "Then we just started laughing," Marquardt says.

But the men reminded themselves of what their staff leader, Melson, threw at them: You’re by no means in battle. Newly inspired, exhausted Mad Canine gathered across the man who led them up to his absence, telling himself, “Man up. Let's go. If we die, hell with it. Let's go. ”

“ We Accepted Our Death, ”Watson says. “Then I observed our capacity to battle. We fought as we were not cautious on the planet. "

On a channel that was separate from what he used to speak with FOB, Wooden radio is Melson:" We're not going to do it at night time. ”

Melson was absolutely conscious of what was stored for the third group. He knew what they have been capable of do. In the course of the training, he was bodily and mentally prepared by men to the purpose where these national guards have been praised by the SEAL commanders. However Melson additionally understood the chances for his males. Sixty-nine, with 9 small ammunition, added to the People a nasty outcome.

Inside the TOC, Melson had been making an attempt for hours to convey a quick response drive (QRF). The extremely close 25th ID didn't know the People on the mountain, and the PRT commander didn't need to settle for QRF.

Nevertheless, Melson gathered QRF into standby. The lads fought towards each other to put them in QRF; their greatest associates have been in that shift, fate to dying. Nevertheless, Roster needed to be rigorously chosen. Melson selected a physician and others whose expertise have been needed and gave the opposite group again up if QRF went down.

FOB Wright. Melson and her husband began to load "speed balls", body luggage that have been filled with necessities: another ammunition, one other with water. Then that they had no selection but to tempt their buddies' dangerous luck. The mountain was so excessive and so steep that the one solution to get to OP Nevada was by helicopter. Nothing was out there and there was no green mild on QRF.

"We saw the blink of a muzzle, we saw a firewall," Melson says. "All we could do was watch the valley." But he provides: "These have been my son OP in Nevada. I'm not going to allow them to do this alone. ”

Inside a TOC, a pc display confirmed what was occurring within the area.

"I saw two blue dots on the screen," Melson says. "I liked the screen." The factors got here to two Blackhawks.

Melson contacted pilots. He defined the horrible state of affairs and asked for assist. At first the destiny was towards Mad Canine. The pilots stated they have been of their second position, Jalalabad, they usually couldn't move. But within the startling Windfall flip, the climate prevents birds from touchdown on J-dangerous. The pilots agreed to ferry Melson's QRF to scorching LZ OP Nevada. After some intense conversations at TOC, Melson was on a mission. Blackhawks landed at FOB Wright

Reserve drive and PRT civilian commander, a males-revered officer, helped the kid pull water and ammunition. Then away went QRF, went into battle.

Blackhawks turned so quick and so scorching that at the beginning the OP Nevada staff took special forces. Camillo provided to safe LZ so the birds might land.

 453 JULY 2015 (Page cvr1) Wood refused to allow it. He informed the lads: “This is my OP. I’ll do it. “Just dressing up her pants and dish driver, Wood bumped into the firewall to point out Blackhawks where to land. The location was closer to the Taliban than to the OP program. The primary Blackhawk took his familiar figure

“I see this dude hanging from Blackhawk, spitting a fire with a lighthouse on his helmet,” Marquardt says. “I knew only one pal who used such a lighthouse. The guy jumps out, competes for decent LZ and starts shouting orders. "

" It was Melson! , ”Wood, who almost hit another Blackhawk. "In the midst of this chaos it was Melson."

"There is no sound that screams in battle," Watson says. “It's a piercing, piercing voice. I was more afraid of the voice I used to be from the Taliban, and I used to be so glad to hear it. "

" It was so easy to see him, "says Marquardt. “With him we simply knew it was going to be okay; we’ll do it. He’s very comforting in a nasty, tactical means. "

" They just came at the right time, "Camillo says. “I was so tired that I didn't care that the bullet hit me on the face.”

Bullets flew between the Taliban and OP. QRF males have been quiet in the middle.

”We have been afraid that we have been going to shoot our own buddies who would come to help up,” Personal Woods says.

Chaos continued. Woods didn't see the whole QRF coming to OP. He thought the Taliban took Melson

"I was like" I’ve to get Sergeant Melson! ”” Woods says. Frantically, he ran in the direction of the enemy. "I ran to get him back from the Taliban."

The title of the enemy hearth, Woods triggered. “The bullet flew right. Had I not put it, it might have found me. “Woods continued to crawl towards the Taliban.

Someway, in the midst of cacophony, Woods heard Melson shouting at him.

”I ran back. Once I went there, he shouted, “You are scared of me! Never do it again! “I didn't care that he was angry. I was just glad to see that he was okay. ”

The remainder of the group recovered as QRF arrived.

“They had water. Food. Projectile. People who replace us with weapons, Watson says. “We were smoked. But we couldn't stop the fight. ”

Camillo couldn't release his weapon. "I had kept it for so long, I couldn't let go," Camillo says.

With the help of QRF, males gathered again and blasted the Taliban ruthlessly.

Battles continued for a complete of 18 hours. The battle ended when the Air Pressure arrived on July 18th.

“We had two fixed wings and two rotating wings,” workforce leader Wood says. "F-16 came and fell bombs."

The Taliban stood nonetheless. The mountain continued to fall. The lads of QRF informed their third Squad pal a break.

"Our adrenaline was pumping so long, we didn't know we were tired," Watson says. “But [Sgt Kevin] O Boyle QRF said:“ We got this. Get food and rest. “We all went and peeled off our gear. I think I slept for four days. ”

OP Nevada males received all of the prizes and the bronze star V V went to Wood and Navy Achievement Medal to Melson.

Perhaps the very best honor, though, came by means of the Taliban. After the damaging battle of OP Nevada, the Mad Canine interpreter laughed listening to the enemy broadcasts.

“We requested them what they have been saying; what do they are saying? “Camillo recollects.

The interpreter translated the Taliban's recommendation to one another: “Thank God for leaving. Don't be confused with these guys. They're crazy People. "

" They didn't mix with us after that, "Marquardt says. “They knew who we have been. We have been Mad Canine.

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