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25 Different types of tents

25 Different types of tents

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In the course of the first 50,000 years of human history, individuals are in search of tents. The oldest tent was present in Russia and dates back to 40,000 B.C. In 450 BC, the nomads brought their houses with them as they lived in yurts and teapots in well-known moveable tents.

Army tents turned in style in 300 BC tents. American soldiers used the same tents through the American Revolution and the Civil Warfare. Additionally camouflaged tents have been launched this yr.

Tent improvements created a huge leap in the 20th century when camping was in style. Tents turned extra sturdy, lighter and extra water resistant with different technical features

Key Types

Ridge Tent

  Blue and Teal Ridge Tents

You’re more likely to recognize a Tent of a Brush or an “A-Frame” Tent, and in a single step virtually all tents held this shape. The identify comes from a cross column referred to as a ridge that extends over the size of the tent and holds the roof. The design is straightforward and efficient, and a very uplifting ridge tent is more likely to be most popular over most trendy tent types.

In the present day, nevertheless, you might name this "retro" tent, and there are additionally some drawbacks comparable to less storage and area, less availability, and typically difficult settings. Often, brush tents are nice options for these touring alone and even for couples who usually are not going to spend a lot time indoors.

Traditionally, these tents consisted of a thick material stretched over at the very least three columns: two vertical and one horizontal. Stability is especially as a result of strains and ties, and although the business availability of the brush tents could also be inadequate, a skilled foreigner would in all probability throw separately by accumulating supplies.

Dome Tent

Dome tents are one of the preferred tent types and you’ll find them in a spread of sizes and styles. Though they are principally recognized for their curved pole structure, they will also have features resembling a rainbow and a porch that you need to use as a space for storing to accommodate more room in the tent itself.

Two lengthy columns stretch the tent excessive of the tent and lock into the bottom. This creates a sq. base and a dome-shaped tent that can present more room and width than a brush tent. Copper tents can stand up to average climate circumstances, but the brush tents are more appropriate for harsh climate circumstances, and the steadiness of the dome tent is lowered.

Pop-up tent

  Blue pop tent.

Supply: Amazon

All different tent types require some settings, but these tents are pop-up and prepared to be used. Devoted consumers might place them outdoors their favourite retailer while waiting for giant sales or video games to be released. They’re additionally widespread at music festivals and make your youngsters huge yard tents

Pop-up tents are in all probability less appropriate for intensive and sometimes camping, although current developments have definitely improved reliability. The tent physique is made of material and is lengthy, wound and prepared for spring release. Different pop-up tents have totally different shapes, sizes and comes. Some will open up and some will escape, and turning this process into a small, easy-to-store tent, however for comfort, pop-up tents are sometimes costlier than traditional types.

Tunnel Tent


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In case you have a large, outside household, a tunnel tent might be the right choice for you. They provide tons of viable area and are of totally different sizes, so there's in all probability a tent that may accommodate even the most important families.

They consist of a collection of versatile basins extending from one aspect of the tent to another, forming half a circle right down to the length of the tent, which creates the shape of the tunnel. Considering their size, you must pay attention to the course through which these tents are. Tents across the tent size towards the wind by forcing it to break down or fall. Tunnel tents provide a lot of area, however additionally they require quite a bit of area, so as long as you might have the means to transport the tent and campsite area to set it, they will make an ideal sleeping choice

or semiconductor tents

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-340910 size-full" src="" alt=" Grey, ten-person tent [19659026] Supply: Moosejaw

A associated, geodesic tent of a copper stand consists of a number of cross-linking columns that create shapes comparable to a triangle or hexagon, and this is meant to extend stability. Geodetic tents are literally probably the most secure tents and stand up to very excessive winds. Should you keep in mind the health club in the dome-shaped jungle fitness center, you realize what many geodetic tents seem like. It’s a pretty widespread structure that’s used for a lot of purposes, one of which is tents.

These are undoubtedly probably the most suitable tents for extreme climate circumstances and are often used for mountaineering. Additionally they supply a superb head and are technically constructed to maximise durability and durability. A semi-geodetic tent is a kind of simplified model, and although it’s extra secure than a dome tent, it does not stand up to the identical weather circumstances.

Inflatable Tent

  Inflatable Tent Fits Perfectly

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Inflatable tents are both relatively new and quite rare camping gear, and beside the pop-up tent these are the only. Though you need an air pump when the tent is inserted and secured, it is merely a matter of turning the change and searching at the form of the tent. Although heavy, inflatable tents are spacious, there are not any fastened posts. As a result of this can be a fairly new design, most inflatable tents shall be costlier than extra conventional types.

Backpacking Tent

  Orange and White Backpacking Tent Source: Walmart

Designed for hikers and foot-passengers, backpacking tent is small, mild and straightforward to pitch, making it a great tent for touring. Hikers want to concentrate to the load on the subject of packed gadgets, and tipping the tents makes it sensible. Although not excellent for sitting or hanging out, these low tents are good for mountaineering mountaineering. After an extended day trip, hikers can shortly tent this tent and rest for the night time.

Vis-à-Vis Tent

  Gray Tent. Supply: eBay

The development of the block cable tent came from France, and the vision is French for "face-to-face" for the two "bedrooms" that meet each other on this tent fashion. The middle of the tent is a large, open area with a high peak and hooked up to the central area, with two sleeping compartments.

These tents principally function additional elements to the normal bubble or tunnel shape, making them a superb selection for families or teams. In fact, further portions imply that the tent is heavier, however the departments supply somewhat privacy that the normal tents can’t. Although the tent consists of two compartments, there are other tent types that take you to the subsequent degree.

Pod-style tents

Pod-style tents include a number of "pods" or compartments hooked up to a spacious, centralized dwelling space. Typically, these compartments are separated from the middle of the tent by their very own door, so apart from utterly separate tents, the pod-style tents supply the greatest privateness.

They are the most important tents available on the market. And while that is good news for giant families, these tents provide you with some drawbacks. Some campsites cost additional tents that require lots of land, so it might assist you to discover your campsite prematurely. As well as, the extra material adds weight, and the extra compartments can make the tent harder to install

Cottage tents

  Green and gray cabin tent accommodating up to 11 people Supply: Walmart [19659003] Cabin tents are sometimes one area tent, although some might have inner dividers that separate the room from the rooms. They don’t require the footprint of pod-style tents, however they’re square, secure and excessive sufficient so that you can easily reach them. They are undoubtedly not superb for harsh climate circumstances, however they make great tents for relaxed tenting and respiration.

The cottage tents could be fairly heavy and sophisticated, but when they are up, they make nice campsites for households and enormous groups. The excessive door makes entry and exit very straightforward and they are also low cost to purchase in comparison with other tents.

Pyramid Tent

  Dark Green Pyramid Tent Supply: Amazon

Some of these tents might appear to be a contemporary teapot. Pyramid tents are a quite simple design, typically consisting of only one central question. The fabric or different materials is coated with a hub which is stretched and hooked up to the ground by grounding and stacking. Because of the lack of columns, it’s even more essential that the strains are robust. In any other case, the tent will be unable to retain its shape, and the bigger you attempt to make it, the less secure it is going to be.

However their simplicity also signifies that they can be incredibly mild and straightforward to install. In case you are skilled and will not be too concerned about aesthetics, you could possibly pull it out with a picket stroke, trolley and cord. In fact, Headspace is restricted and not ultimate for a lot of visitors. Nor do they have built-in land, so you must place your personal or sleep on the bare floor.

Bivy Tents

The second tent, the Bivy tent, is made solely for hikers and hunters who try to carry as little weight as attainable. Bivy tents are often a variation of the comb tent and are sometimes formed as a wedge, and the top of the tent is off the opposite aspect. Their typical capability is usually one, but they supply adequate safety from the elements that you could keep protected and dry overnight

Hammock tent

  Dark green hanging hammock tent

Supply: eBay

Tied timber and hanging Out of the ground, these tents work exactly like a hammock, but they are crammed coated so you possibly can keep protected. They are ideal for forest areas, particularly those the place the land might be wet and uncomfortable to sleep. It's principally every thing you’re keen on in a hammock with the additional advantage of having a roof.

Bell Tents

  White Clock

Supply: Amazon

Bell tents are sometimes thought-about a luxurious tent and are undoubtedly a selection for design-conscious campers. They are a one-tent tent that intently resembles a teapot, and, like tea tea, they help burning wooden. The material coating is a wonderful insulator and temperature regulator that makes the clock arm additionally excellent in the summertime months.

A mesh material coated on the fabric towards the underside of the tent, which supplies wonderful ventilation inside and may typically be rolled to maximize air move. An open flooring plan means they will sleep rather a lot of individuals, however you’ll be able to't use it all over the place. They don’t seem to be preferrred for outdoor individuals and may easily crash during onerous climate.

Frame / Tents

  Blue canopy tent. Source: Amazon

The highest of the tent they usually supply a totally open format. These are tents that you could see at outside and public, personal and promotional events, as they will present shade to visitors while everybody can stroll freely.

They’re totally different in measurement and can be utterly coated by extra privateness. The camp canopies are a version of the body tent and might be hooked up to the tent for higher protection.

Seashore Tents

You don't need to camp with them in nature, but they offer wonderful protection on the seashore. It is primarily a tent that’s minimize in half and is designed to protect you from the solar and blow seashore sand. Most of them have built-in and prolonged flooring so that you don't need dust on the seashore towel or burn yourself with scorching sand.

Automotive Tents

  Car Tent in Tan Source: Walmart

At first look, a automotive tent may cause so much of confusion and good cause. As a wierd mixture of tent and RV, automotive tents are positive to look strange and make you marvel how it works.

For a automotive tent, you need a hard and fast roof rack to install it. You possibly can reach the tent with a ladder that can be easily removed. The tent itself is just like some other tent you recognize, but installation could be a problem and should require multiple individual. So why sleep on your automotive as an alternative of on earth?

In case you are traveling for a long time and you may't all the time do it in a standard campsite, the automotive case could also be useful for you. It also keeps you off the bottom and away from bugs, filth and sudden floods.

Types of Tents

Cotton / Material

Cotton and material materials are sometimes used interchangeably in dialog, and canvas tents are some of the preferred tents.

Cotton / material is much less vulnerable to condensation, though it is typically advisable to arrange a tent earlier than the camping journey and give it the chance to undergo the "weather" to cope with it. This is really helpful for first use, and when exposed to the tent parts, the fibers of the materials swell and settle once more by filling the small however permeable holes produced by the sewing process. You possibly can watch for the rain or take your backyard hose to your tent and obtain the same results as a water-proof tent ready for the campsite.

Cotton is a very conventional tent material used for decades for effectivity. It stays cool in the summertime and maintain the inside of the tent through the hotter climate. Insulation advantages additionally apply to sound, so you possibly can often take pleasure in a quieter tenting expertise. Though most tents are layered, there isn’t a need for an inside tent with a cotton material

PVC coated tents

  Navy blue gazebo tent, PVC coated fabric Supply: eBay

Some cotton or material colours might already be present "faded" on the time of the preliminary buy, but often because it is coated with polyvinyl chloride. This coating makes your tent waterproof from the start, so you should use it immediately without preparation. Although you will have this additional consolation, a PVC coating could make your tent a bit extra vulnerable to condensation than pure climate. If you need a PVC-coated tent, it might be clever to purchase one with wonderful air flow to scale back condensation.


Polycotton is an alternative choice to a 100% cotton leash and is often lighter and lower in value, while retaining many of the advantages of conventional cotton. Just as with t-shirts, polycotton is cotton that is combined with polyester and is designed to make each mild and sturdy materials.


  Blue polyester tent with yellow accent. Supply: Walmart

Pure polyester tent is mild and breathable, and is probably the preferred tent material as it’s also cheaper.

Nylon  Yellow Waterproof Nylon Tent Source: eBay

Nylon fabrics and polyester materials produce comparable results, regardless that the nylon weight might even be lighter. Fibers also don’t take up water, so naturally that is one other wonderful tent material. Some of the costliest ones, in addition to some of the costliest tens, use nylon material, but these tents are principally coated with some sort of chemical. Nylon coatings embrace e.g. Acrylic, silicone or polyurethane, and the quality of these coatings range, the perfect coatings are of course the costliest. Silicone tends to be a priciest as a result of it presents most safety.

Though waterproof, nylon tents can fall dramatically through the rains, so you’ll have to tighten your folks' strains here and there. Broad publicity to the solar additionally causes the nylon tent to deteriorate quicker.

Base material

The "floor" of a tent might consist of comparable materials or a totally totally different material. Often it is some sort of foam made of material, polyester, PVC, polyethylene or different materials and coated with polyurethane. Because they’re positioned on the bottom, they’re coated with a protective and waterproof material so that the underside of the tent doesn’t get moist when you sleep.

Tent Polish

Tent bars could be made of a handful of material, every with its personal function. The supplies primarily decide power and weight, but bending can also be necessary for tent poles.

    • Glass Strengthened Plastic (GRP): Chances are you’ll really feel this glass fiber. It’s a well-liked material and generally used in tent poles, as a result of it is relatively cheap to fabricate, and simply bends across the tent curves, making them some effective tent poles. GRP is made of resin-held glass yarns, and although these columns will not be completely glass, they may give you glass blocks if they break.
    • Metal: Steel tents are sometimes reserved for square tents or framed tents as a result of steel poles aren’t designed to bend curves. Another disadvantage is that the steel is susceptible to rust, so the steel tent poles are sometimes painted and coated to stop it. Should you buy steel tents, it’s important that they are of top quality. When the steel columns are bent, they can be bent backwards, however by no means have the same power as earlier than
    • Aluminum alloy: Aluminum alloy is a generally used material as a result of it’s each mild and powerful. It might bend curves like GRP, but it is often costlier to supply. Aluminum alloys are commonly used for tearing the tents when the load is of great concern.
    • Carbon Fiber: They’re prime notch as much as the worth goes. The carbon fiber tent poles are robust, extremely mild and excellent for curved buildings, however they value you.

Light-weight tent poles aren’t all the time a superb thing because they will blow away or get out of the large winds.

Peg Supplies

Grounding equipment for tents are made of many various materials, resembling metal, plastic, titanium and numerous alloys. They are also made in several strengths. Some of them are designed for ground penetration, while others are made of exhausting metal or plastic to penetrate more durable surfaces.