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18 different harps (plus FAQ)

The woman plays a harp towards the sea.

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Harps are string devices which might be performed by choosing individual strings with each arms. They arrive from 15,000 BC, and are thought-about one of the oldest tools. It received its identify from the words of the previous German, previous Norwegian and English German which means "to hit."

There’s all kinds of harps that change in sort, measurement and elegance. Some harps are constructed on only one piece of wooden, while others have used as much as 2,000 items. The most important choice of harps may be present in Africa.

Primary Forms of Harps



These harps have levers on the prime of each string situated on the harp neck. The levers permit the harpist to play two different notes for each string. You possibly can tighten or loosen each pile to create clean, natural or sharp notes, however since you do that with levers that require you to use your arms, there are specific limitations related to the leverage.

This is among the most necessary causes that these harps usually use harpists at first, and actually, eighth grade musicians sometimes transfer to pedal arms. Pedal claws are simply easier to play once you determine you need to improve your capacity and particularly if your aim is to play the orchestra at some point.

It is attainable to regulate the quantity in the middle pieces using the levers, however it is troublesome whenever you attempt to play tougher music tracks. Because of this, harpists all use harps on pedals.

Pedal harps

  Pedal harp

These harps naturally have pedals as an alternative of levers, with a complete of seven, situated at the backside of the system and linked to the plates on the neck. Every separate pedal has three different positions. These embrace high, medium or low / flat and pure or sharp notes. With Harpist, the harpist can play whatever he needs to play as a result of they will play any piece of music that is set in front of you.

Additionally it is another benefit for those who use a harp on pedals and have the power to free your arms with out altering the levers sooner or later in the course of the music. This doesn’t imply that the harp is a simple device to regulate; Actually, it takes loads of time and follow. Nevertheless, most individuals who play this instrument appear to favor pedal harps

Ancestors of Trendy Harp

Historic Egyptian Harps

Many of those harps look just like at this time's harps, partly as a result of Egypt has all the time been harping throughout its historical past. The truth is, one can say that Egypt has all the time had a "hobby culture" as a result of it is fascinated about and developed numerous harps. Most of the previous harps present in Egypt have been each terribly giant and had no pillars, which means that it had no help for at present's tools.

Subsequently, most specialists have speculated that the strings of those varieties are harp more likely to be very unfastened and doubtless also in the bass. One among these harps was referred to as "Benet", which was formed like a shovel and was ultimately used as a common terminal for harp, even when other forms of harps have been designed.

Crwth Harps

 The Crwth Harp

There are literally two versions, and one of these harp is taken into account to be associated to both the violin and at this time's harp. Most crwth harps have an oblong shape and two separate elements. The again is often flat and consists of an open prime and a decrease aspect that looks like a sound area. The word "crwth" comes from Welsh, and this sort of harp is of two variations. One is the essential shape of a rectangle, with the middle strings, and the opposite with a curved form similar to the shape of a violin

Harpa Doppia Harps

These harps have been used primarily in Italy and Spain. and they’re different from the present harps, as a result of they consisted of three sub-row springs. The bass was on the left row, which was tuned up to the rising notes; Think about doing, re, mi, and so forth.

If you wish to repeat these sharps, you both should get between the strings of the left row or play these springs together with your proper hand. The sharp line continued in the space of ​​the treble marks, while the third row on the proper started within the notice where the line to the left left ended. As well as, the latter line overlapped with the middle row and continued to the higher notes, which suggests you could achieve a full vary of notes with this sort of harp.

Harp doped harps predicted later-developed three-legged harps



Lyric could be very recognizable to most individuals and is very recognizable to most people and is a big relative of at present's harp . Typically the four-sided harp reminds that the lyre springs appear to be open on all four sides. Nevertheless, lots of them have strings that fit on the soundboard and even over the bridge. Way back the lyrics differ from one instrument to a different as a result of they have been around 3,200 BC and lots of populations have modified them.

Medieval Harps

 A man plays a medieval harp outdoors.

Roughly 900 AD, the first type of the harp, as we all know in the present day, was born. This does not mean that the harps didn’t exist before this time, it just signifies that the kind of harp recognized at the moment was at the moment. These have been the first triangular harps, and most of them have been very small and subsequently moveable.

That is partly on account of the truth that touring musicians needed to have harps that have been handy to hold with both a horse or a foot. The materials from which the springs have been made, as well as the form of the harp, diversified relying on where the harp was made. The strings might be made from supplies resembling hair, intestines and even yarns, and ultimately skilled harpists acquired a variety of information.

Actually, in lots of areas, these musicians have been thought-about widespread and necessary as royalty. The harps of this era may be subtly painted and carved, and lots of of them also contained quite a lot of gems and jewels, in order that they have been quite superb.

Non-pedals, Trendy Harps

Harps from Latin America / Paraguay

 The golden Paraguayan harp is played outdoors.

These harps are unique and have straight, not curved. Their voice can also be slightly different from harps with levers or pedals, they usually create music with good sound and rhythm. They have an exquisite voice, but outdoors the gamers who are directed to players who are quite troublesome to seek out and discover like this type of harp.

Trendy / Gothic / Celtic / People Harps

 A man plays a black Celtic carriage near a city square

] At the moment used harps are sometimes referred to as New Zealand harps. The rationale for this is that many harp specialists name Welsh and Geel occasions harps which might be real "Celtic" bristles. Sometimes, the neo-Celtic harp is manufactured from nylon as an alternative of gut or yarn, and heroes made in Gothic fashion are both narrower and have a thinner soundboard than harps holding Celtic-type harps.

Gothic harps may also have very sharp patterns and high ends, in contrast to the extra rounded, lower-headed shapes often provided by Celtic harps. The term "folk harp" often refers to harps that wouldn’t have pedals and should embrace harps from areas like Asia and South America.

Trendy Wire Harps

Most harps at the moment are made with nylon mark threads, however wires are increasingly used. Many harp corporations now produce a wi-fi harp so it's straightforward to seek out academics and even books that train you the right way to use these harps. Wired harps are thought-about to be the harps of the Gaelic and their development could be very robust

In fact, the strategy of enjoying any such harp is sort of different from harps with nylon traces, but in case you use your nails and even your fingers, it’s simpler to maneuver the wire cords. If you need an actual "bell" during harp playback, attempt one thing with yarn. Irish and Celtic music sound nice with warp harps, and you may see and listen to them at all forms of festivals and competitions around the globe.

Multi-Course Harps

The multi-course harps are simply these with two or extra strings, and most are double or triple strings. Most harps with two or three rows of strings are parallel to each other; Nevertheless, Wales' triple harp is a bit different. With one of these harp, the two outer rows are turned barely, while the middle row is extra degree.

The triple harps are nice as a result of they produce lots of distinctive special effects, although they require rewriting the participant to change keys. Most of the double harps presently used include two parallel queues which might be tuned precisely to each other and sometimes have levers on both sides. Every harp sort produces a barely different sound, and if you understand how to play the harp, you’ll be able to attempt every one and determine what you like greatest.

There’s also one other harp sort referred to as the cross-strung harp. These harps have two strings and are placed at small angles that exceed one level. You need to use both of those strains together with your hand, and the best way you play is just like enjoying a piano with sharp and dwelling. As an alternative of the sharp, black keys for dwellings, like a piano, the cross harp has keys in black or blue for sharp and dwelling.

The Harps of the Trendy Knee

  The Pedal Harp [19659004] As soon as someone says the word “harp”, an image that is more likely to come on the top is a contemporary knee-harp. The harp is a lovely but considerably mysterious device as a result of many people have by no means seen one except books or films. The harps are high and very sleek, and whenever you take a look at one that may be a concert-sized instrument, you're positive to be impressed. Harps are smaller, but these are sometimes not what individuals assume when they consider these devices.

The ridges typically have extensive bottoms which are mirrored, and their pillars may be very decorative and fantastic. This doesn’t mean, in fact, that each one the harps look exactly the identical, because they will range from the supplies used in their production, the vary of harps themselves within the leap and even the exact shade.

use the same steps to modify keys in two ways. Single-acting pedals have two primary positions: down, which is used for pure or sharp and upward use, is used naturally or flat. Then again, dual-action pedals have three primary positions, which signifies that any string could be repeated both flat, natural or sharp.

The most important harps or live performance harps of the concert often cover six octaves and include 47 strings, although the harps of the lever, although still giant and heavy, often include 34 to 38 strings.

Unusual or Uncommon Harps

Bell Harps

On a show that’s loosely like a dulcimer or zither, there are at the least eight strings on the clock which might be firmly placed on the soundboard. You help the string springs together with your thumbs and hold the system upright whereas turning it in each palms. Also referred to as bells or harps which are just like watches are referred to as bells or English harps that produce a wealthy, good sound that’s quite gratifying and even superb.


Most people, including musicians, have by no means seen the harp of the earth. They are unusually giant and may have a number of stories. Because of their measurement, the harps of the country are performed by two or more gamers and have a voice that needs to be heard credible. There are a total of 42 strings in Harppus, the longest of which is over 300 meters. Its sound is, in fact, very distinctive, and the method used to play it is just like rubbing the wet finger along the sting of the glass. It's undoubtedly value seeing and hearing this sort of harp you can do online

Electrical Harps

Electric harps have gotten extremely popular, but they’re nonetheless quite unknown to most non-musicians. Some acoustic electronic harps have excellent amplifier techniques that permit listeners to take heed to all particular person notes. Electric harps are top quality, excessive performance harps and produce a really full sound that feels like a CD that performs in stereo. In case you are a harp and need to change to an electrical system, you possibly can simply discover them if you begin research on-line, as a result of there are numerous different kinds of help.


harps are a product of the 20th century, which signifies that they are a moderately new sort of harp. They mix the characteristics of each the harp and the guitar. They’ve six strings, fingerboards and 6 additional strings to the left of the centerline. Additionally they have eight wiring harnesses to the appropriate of the center, which signifies that there are a total of 20 strings within the harpsichord. For those who play a harp guitar, it feels like a mixture of three different devices, a harp with wires, a guitar on steel strips and a bass guitar that makes a very entertaining and energetic sound.

Jaw (Jewish) Harps / Blues Harps (Harmonic)

 Leu's Harp

The harps of jaw and blues usually are not actually harps in the actual sense, however no one is aware of for positive how they got here often known as harps. The jaws are small and are often made from some sort of metal. You’ll be able to play it by holding the body between the tooth and the lone metal strip, after which utilizing your fingers to play notes.

As an alternative of enjoying different notes, different notes are available your mouth when the body is between your tooth. Actually, should you're training lengthy sufficient, you're in all probability stunned at what number of sounds you possibly can produce with a jawbone. The other names of the jaw harp embrace the harp of the Jew, the Ozark harp, the mouthpiece, and the juice box

No one is aware of why harmonics are categorised as harps, however whenever you assume that both the accordion and the jaw harp are each

Psaltery Harps

 Psaltery harp

Psalteries look just like dulcimers, however play by drawing strings either by the sorcery or by a device generally known as plectrum, just like guitar. Psaltery harps are often triangular or sq., with sound playing cards, and comes operating all over the place. These harps might be played by recording springs, utilizing the bow, or hitting it with a hammer, identical to some dulcimers. They current a variety of different methods to play them, despite the fact that most musicians play them by twisting strings.

Wind / Aeolian Harps

As the identify implies, these harps are "played" by the wind. They’re referred to as harps in the loudest terms, they usually don't all the time have a soundboard. As well as, they are giant in measurement and could be as giant as a regular harp or as small as a keychain. The truth is, every instrument with tense tapes which might be introduced out could be introduced with the wind and sometimes produces an analogous sound as a siren or horn that catches some individuals. In the event you frequently play the harp on a really windy day, you might experience this phenomenon and remind you why poems and stories typically describe harps that sing on their very own.

Often Requested Questions on Harpus

  A member of an orchestra group harps

What’s Celtic Harp?

Additionally referred to as Irish harps or people harps, what most people assume once they hear the phrase "harp". “They are harps that use levers as an alternative of pedals to vary the quantity of playable notes, and they can be hooked up to quite a lot of materials, together with intestines, yarn, and even nylon. Wire yarns produce noises which might be loud and sharp, while intestinal strings are typically muted. In reality, harp-derived sound varies tremendously from one harp to a different, and far of it will depend on how it’s made, and even on who plays it.

What Are Harps Made Of?

Very similar to different orchestral instruments, harps are often some type of wood, but they may also be fiberglass, cardboard and even plastic. More often than not forest, reminiscent of cherry, foam, ash and walnut, is used to make harps; Nevertheless, wooden resembling mahogany and violet hearts are also used. The soundboard is often product of spruce, and every sort of wood produces a separate sound for the harp that’s played.

What kind of harp is advisable for my degree of experience?

In case you are considering buying a harp, you must contemplate many elements like:

  • Lever and pedal. Should you're within the early levels, you get monetary savings and begin with a harp that uses levers as an alternative of pedals.
  • Contemplate Value. Naturally, for those who're just starting out, you don't need to rush and buy the costliest harps out there. Most harps are priced with options like your chosen harp (eg Scholar or professional) and even the variety of add-ons it’s your decision, which can embrace engravings, saved backwards, and case insertion.