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10 Best Ice Cube movies to watch the ice cube

Ice Cube Straight in Outta LA at Tribeca Film Festival in 2010

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Ice Cube re-invented himself by going from a hardened gangsta rapper whose beams have been crammed with political and social themes for a profitable actor whose filmography runs each dramatic and comedy. Beneath Rapper's belt, there are a selection of great movies, every unique and full of comparable themes in music.

In other phrases, they convey the city way of life and hope for one thing higher. In case you are hoping for a greater look, proceed studying the 10 greatest Ice Cube movies.

1. Friday

  Friday movie with Ice Cube & # 39;

Rotten Tomato Score: 74%

Summary: This position performed by Ice Cube is in his position as Craig, a hardened street-intelligent determine who managed to shoot after work day after day . Though he’s a clever participant on the road, he appears down at his greatest pal, Smoke, who was played by Chris Tucker because he typically used marijuana, particularly when he sells it and "gets high on his offer." will get Smokey in hassle together with his retailer Huge Worm, who has a Smokey for his life. This isn’t the only drawback that each pals meet on this infamous Friday because they’re also concerned about the neighboring state of Deebo. Craig finally indulges and smokes together with his pal by putting the duo on a path that will get them into all types of hysterical hijies.

Why it is great: Past introduces Ice Cube's comedy, though as a direct man of Smokey's wild comedy character, this film is above the listing as a result of Ice Cube wrote the film himself repeatedly in his music, DJ Pooh. This is undoubtedly a comedy, but in addition one filled with themes comparable to those of the Ice Cube career, including road life and black hoods. Ice Cube performed an exceptionally leading position, main to countless other fraternities and other movies with the identify above the poster.

2. Boyz n the Hood

  Boyz's Hood movie with Ice Cube & # 39;

Rotten Tomato Score: 96%

Abstract: In 1991, John Singleton's director debut, Boyz's The Hood exhibits the troublesome lifetime of three African-American males in Southern Los Angeles. Starring Cuban Gooding Jr .: Main Tre, an anxious teenager sent to reside together with his father, a troublesome, non-nonsense position model in the midst of a dangerous neighborhood and Lawrence Fishburne. When he arrives, he makes Ricky's friendship, played by Morris Chestnut and Doughboy Ice Cube in a critically acclaimed performance. Ricky hopes to play football when Doughboy is struggling to change the gangster. Tre finds himself in the midst of a number of gang-related issues, together with the capturing time. This can be a powerful movie that presents the problems confronted by American black communities and presents the right to make the right decisions when making an attempt.

Why It Is Nice: This can be a incredible film of its symbolism, attention to detail, and virtually documentary life with a black young in southern Los Angeles (and throughout the country) in the early 90's. The story is sensible, positive, but the actor is what units the measurement of this film. That is Ice Cube & # 39; s top-notch performance that has a dramatic position that he has not yet been in a position to return to his long career. Every character is completely played, though some of them are confined to a prototype or stereotype. Fishburne, Gooding, Chestnut, Angela Basset, and different crews pull out African American infectious descriptions on totally different strains. Although this can be a very real looking story of what happened in California's ghetto almost three many years ago, this timeless piece might be utilized to weak areas and minority groups throughout the nation and all through the world. This is also a film that moved from Ice Cube & # 39; s "Straight Outta Compton" to giant screens in all places.

three. Three Kings

  Three King's Cinema Ice Cube

Rotten Tomato Score: 94%

Summary: This can be a type of conflict movie that follows the warfare after three soldiers in the Gulf Conflict. The movie can also be headed by three powerful leaders, George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube, who play Archie, Troy and Chief. These soldiers have a plan to make themselves wealthy throughout the purification efforts by stealing a few of Saddam Hussein's stock in Kuwait before the battle. Nevertheless, once they encounter numerous abuses towards their allied soldiers in the Iraqi army towards Saddam, their intentions change as they wrestle to find their wrestle for wealth or humanity.

What's Good: The Ice Cube is nice for both comedies and dramatic roles, as this record exhibits. The three kings are nonetheless a particular path to the rapper-turned actor, as he performs a soldier on the battlefield, not on the road. There are, in fact, a number of laughs on this thriller, but it is excessive on the horror of warfare and on how to witness certain things to change a few of your inner positions.

4. Barbershop

  Barbershop Film Ice Cube

Rotten Tomato Score: 82%

Abstract: This comedy in Chicago's day care middle consists of ensemble forged, together with Ice Cube Calvinina, Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie, Anthony Anderson like JD and Eve Terri Jones. Ice Cube is a leading and operating runner, used as the important set and background of the movie after his father has inherited the struggling enterprise. In an effort to make a profit, Calvin's character sells a loan to the retailer and then begins to remorse his choice with the concept that he was bought out. This heavy theme was offset by the comic antics in the film, including jokes and stories advised by each hairdressers and shopkeepers.

Why It's Nice: Seeing an Ice Cube comedy that's not set on Friday's universe is all the time refreshing. Different comedians, including Cedric the Entertainer and Anthony Anderson, are properly off the Ice Cube & # 39; s normally stoic character widespread to all of his films. This movie can also be an excellent episode of the importance of hairdressers in the African-American group and how they work in the melting pot of generations and smelly events.

5. 21 Leap Road

  21 Jump Street and Ice Cube

Rotten Tomato Score: 85%

Summary: In this basic television show, Jonah Hill (Schmidt) and Channing Tatum (Jenko) group together and return to high school , going to secret students. They hope to convey out a harmful drug ring that’s current in class and perfectly suited to their position as they’re the presence and conduct of young individuals. Ice Cube acts as a captain and a point-of-way by means of motion, and all types of hysterical hijackings are occurring throughout the film

Why it's great: This movie isn’t a brief chuckle. Ice Cube is conversant in his loopy, funny individuals round his stoic and humorous character. Although she is on this film, she replaces the abuse towards the police. There is something for everyone in this age chart, led by two dynamic actors at Hill and Tatum

6. Ebook of Life

  Book of Life with an Ice Cube

Rotten Tomato Score: 82%

Synopsis: This beautiful animated movie, launched in 2014 and written and directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez, focuses on Manolo, Diego Luna. This controversial protagonist goes on a journey via magical and mysterious worlds who want to save their beloved and defending homeland. The movie additionally tells about Channing Tatum's Joaquin and Ice Cube & # 39; s candle maker, together with big-time actors who give their voice to film characters along the approach.

Why It's Great: This film has acquired the similar as The Nightmare Before Christmas and pretty. Each movies have an identical animation fashion and quite a lot of widespread themes, but the Ebook of Life can also be his own animation masterpiece. In addition to being a flexible set of characters, similar to the Ice Cube, which borrowed its expertise for a candle maker, this film stands out from the glory of inventive and animation.

7. Barbers: The Next Minimize

  Barbers: Next Cutting in the Ice Cube

Rotten Tomato Score: 90%

Abstract: Ten years after the second movie occasions The Subsequent Minimize picks up Calvin (Ice Cube) Barbers. While some of the similar faces continue to reduce hair and are available into design, much has changed in a place where the shop shares area with ladies who add their own unique reflections to the occasions of the previously occupied world.

Why it is great: In the shocking sequel that’s better than the first film, Ice Cube continues to shine, humor and appeal in his image of Calvin. The unique spin and sensible exhibition of this film makes it one that ought to make sure.

eight. 22 Leap Road

  22 Jump Street Movie with Ice Cube & # 39;

Rotten Tomato Score: 84%

Abstract: This sequel also rises proper after the first film, as Schmidt and Jenko at the moment are going to college

Why it’s great: Hill and Tatum deliver with them a tough dose of laughter thanks to their good chemistry and hysterical situations

. 9. Rampart

  Rampart Film Ice Cube

Rotten Tomato Score: 74%

Summary: In this police drama, the stars of Woody Harrelson, Dave Brown, a veteran of Vietnam warfare and officer, do their "dirty work", which suggests sharing your personal unique truthful brand. Nevertheless, his world is crashing around him when he’s released a tape where he’s suspected of being hit. Ice Cube shines with Kyle Timkins in his photograph.

Why It's Great: This movie is great as a result of its director (Oren Moverman) was in a position to translate Harrelson's despicable character into an infectious, charismatic and even sympathetic character despite his shortcomings and doubts. The theme makes the film compelling, which is just enhanced by the great actor in this assortment.

10. Glass Defend

  Glass Shield with Ice Cube

Rotten Tomato Score: 64%

Abstract: This powerful drama film deals with the racist injustice of the police. J.J. by Michael Boatman. is the Academy's first black recruitment. Thanks to his wage, the workplace's previous with African People is starting to appear.

Why It's Nice: The theme of this movie is unbelievable and harking back to the feelings Ice Cube brings to its music: the police have a special code of ethics when dealing with black residents. Together with Ice Cube's early roles enjoying Teddy Woods, this can be a nice music to watch after Boyz's Hood, as it seems to grow his show career.


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